One more year…

The world keeps moving even without you in it…but know that I do stop and take time for us still.



As the days go by…I think of you and I must say I cry a little less. oh, I still cry. But mostly now I cry a different tear. I will always miss you. My heart will never be the same but now I can remember our times together and those are treasured memories to me, not memories I want to push away because they’re to painful to feel. Now they are like hugs to me. When I hear a song you liked or see something that reminds me of you, my eyes may water up but now I crack a smile too. I know you’re saying hi to me.


I will forever feel it’s unfair that you’re not here to raise your kids with my kids. We aren’t reminiscing about our summers together or our colleges days. How I would like for our husband to be fishing with the kids and we’re enjoying a cold beer and getting dinner ready for everyone, listening to some Chris LeDoux. I wish.

I still ask why…


Girl, I miss you…like you don’t know! You had the brothers I wish I had and the Mom I looked up to. You were my sister. I love you. I know you are still with me today and you protect and guide my children now. For that I am thankful but still… I would do just about anything to have you here right now.

I’ll see you in my dreams my sweet sweet friend. My cousin, my blood, my sister…forever.

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xoxo sk