JUNE 1- New month and new blog…Yep! This blog is now a Blog/Vlog! Today it starts! I am so praying that you all like what I got in store!

Thank you for being part of this amazing process. This blessed journey, that’s filled with struggle, lessons and so much Grace.

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A Great Truth…

You and I are in control of our own happiness. This is both a super responsibility and a great relief! It also means, if you’re unhappy you have no one to blame but you! I have explored this happiness-joy business in-depth, while on my new-life-journey. One thing I’ve found is that the happiness that I have right now and live in my life each day, is very different then my depression or anxiety that sneaks up on me. And I should never… I repeat NEVER try to box them up together.

I truly am a very happy, joyful person! I love life and exploring the world around me. The cloud of depression is a genetic butthead that I have little control over. I’ve had to use coping skills that I’ve learned over time by trial and error to protect myself. I try to recognize my triggers to keep the dark cloud away and save myself when it’s time. This is the same with my anxiety as well. One thing I have found that works for me is healthy boundaries. 

My evolving mental health tools, that I keep in my growing tool box, help me to stay emotionally and mentally healthy. But I am not perfect…I am still learning how to cope. It’s a process that will never end. 

Share your story…

I believe, WE have a light, a calling in us right now or maybe developing in us! Our story is molding us and guiding our path as we move our feet. It’s growing us for a purpose. Some of us may know what that purpose is and some of us just don’t have the big picture yet. Hey, your story may be to change the life of another!  

Don’t hold in your past, your story. There’s something special in your story that’s going to spark a fire and give you strength! You never know how you could inspire, save, love and encourage someone… including yourself… I’m speaking from experience!  God is qualifying you right now! You just need to have eyes to see it! 

So please don’t ever be ashamed of your story. It’s yours…You have the power to write whatever you want on the next blank pages too. Their all yours too!

Live a life that you are happy to wake up too. 

This process…

So why am I here? What the heck am I do?…

I am here because I want to be…100%! It was hard to get this Blog/Vlog, where it is (still got work to do) and get me, where I am! I had headaches everyday from nerves, learning new technology and straight up late nights and early mornings! I am still a mom 24/7 and a lonely but loved wife. I still have struggles and stress! The fact is, this is life and it gets messy and hard. That’s not going to change and I don’t think I would want any of it too. Maybe I would like less augments with my kids at bedtime… wouldn’t every mom… or dad?

Here’s my truth… I feel better at living when I can share my life as it is and no sugar coating how it really is. The road of life is not a nice smooth path. But having a little joy, positivity and someone to say “yeah…me too” makes all difference sometimes!  I just feel lighter, when I can share with others! When I can laugh and not worry about being the perfect imagine that someone else might have in their mind (which I never could be) and be who God made me to be, than I am living a great life. Then I am living my real truth. I am not part of the “Jones” and I can’t, nor do I want to try to live with them!  So why try to keep up? I am just a carefree, God living, mama who wants to drink coffee all day and love everyone in peace and have some laughs! Is that too much ask?

So this is the deal! YOU ALL are part of my journey! I live a happier, better life when I can be who I am and share the good vibes with you and you share your story with me! If I can help you to love yourself a little more, then that helps me too! Maybe at the very least, speak a little life and connect, share some truth in love, if I can do that…then God’s done His job in me and I’m doing mine in Him! So here I am, just a chick who loves her life, her kids, husband and God with all I’ve got and messes up…pretty much all the time! Sounds like fun.. don’t ya think? ; )

This life is never going to be perfect but from what I hear, perfect is pretty over rated!


Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! I hope you will share and follow fabricthatmademe and join my family and I on this awesome, unpredicable ride called life.

xoxo sk