It’s Coming Along

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The Joy project 

Well, I’m sure glad that I gave myself so much time to get my business site up and running (mostly),  Jōy-Terra Essentials. It’s not perfect but I think for not having any help and never doing this before, it’s damn good.

I am running on pure passion, a deep belief and nothing but love! 

The video Process 

This has been super pushing me out of my comfort zone. I know I am going to be hard on myself because I am a little like that all the time anyway. It’s just so much more complicated than I realized it ever would be. The lighting, the shadows, my voice…editing…the placement of the camera and good grief, MY FACE! There’s not enough make-up in the world so I won’t even go down that road! It is what it is, there! Then the downloading and uploading… am I doing this right? Then trying to keep on track! When I get to talking, my brain is all over the place. It’s harder to stay on track than you would think. Practice. Practice. Practice.

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I am embracing my calling. My past makes me wiser and stronger. I am so ready to push forward! This future of mine is amazing! I am so excited to get connected to you all, even more!

Well…alright, let’s see how this goes!


Here’s a link to my business site: Let me know what you think!


xoxo sk