Loyalty And Growth



I just want you all to know how much I love this blog! I love my followers and I feel a loyalty to you all and fabricthatmademe. This blog is my baby in many ways. I have found such a strength, so much growth and an inner joy because of this sweet blog and it’s process! It means EVERYTHING to me. I have connected to other awesome and inspiring Bloggers in this amazing community, which I love and feel absolutely blessed to be able to do! You all have played a part in my self-healing and self-love journey! I have gained an inner confidence and just an overall unconditional love for life itself because of this blog and this blogging community! So thank you for being part of my journey.

I believe you all understand me in ways some of the people “closest” to me may never get me. You have felt my pain and my sorrow, my frustration and sadness. Sometimes you are there just for my plain old stupid pity-parties! You’ve been there for my growth and for all my self discovery. You’ve seen me through my crazy mommy moments, when really all I have left to do is just laugh it off. You’ve watched and inspired me in my health goals and finding what works for this confused body of mine. You all have supported and shown me nothing but pure love as I have battled the nastiest of depression, anxiety and being overly medicated and wrongly diagnosed. I can say with such a great joy in my heart that my mind, body and soul is on a fast track path of love, light and super motivation  because of this process and all your good vibes, support and prayers. It’s all the love and support I have felt that let’s me know I am NOT done yet, this is just the beginning!

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I feel strong. Seriously, my mind is going a thousand miles per-minute! I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement! I am passionate and freaking losing it over life right now! I can not even stay focused! Listen, I have the ability to change the course of life here! I know that sounds damn bold to say! But look, I have changed my life, I have shifted the atmosphere and I was in a bad way! Do you know how I did it and still am? Yes, I still am in a process… and I will forever be.  Let’s be honest here’s… We are ALL going through the process of life and it’s all hills and valleys for everyone. No one gets a pass on that! We all have our good days and bad days and then whatever day. But I have way more I LOVE LIFE days… pretty much every freaking day! EVERYDAY… you read that right! It’s not because I am some freaky overly happy person either. And NO, I’m not on drugs or high. This mood shift, this love and vest for life took patients. It took me believing and not quitting. And still not stopping and giving up on myself today. It was the best the earth has to offer in and on my body. It was God! It was writing and re-writing everyday! It was researching and reading and reading more and more and then sharing with all of you. It was all of you! It was loving my whole self little by little and finally expectance for myself and for others.

Now that I am here in this beautiful and peaceful place, I am NEVER going back. You might remember a sad little blog I wrote a while back called The Ugly Girl Complex. Well, I trashed it. I don’t nor did I ever really feel that way but the enemy was sure happy to let me live in those lies. Friends, I know crappy. I shitty days and unfair bosses. I know feeling lonely and sad and staying in bed for days and not even able to take a shower. It’s so disheartening. All of these untruths keep us from our true selves and from all the blessing that are right in front of our faces. I don’t think I ever knew who I really was until recently. But I love the person I am today! This person is funny, smart and has some serious S**T going on! I am actually just a normally chick who’s really happy to be alive and I want to be joyful everyday! I love me! So I want to take care of this person, inside and out! I want that for all of you too!

I want to take this blog to the next level. I was actually asked to do some other things and I was super excited about doing it but it would make me miss my blogging time. I wouldn’t be able to connect with my blogging family. That’s what you all are to me! I started to feel so lost. I thought I really need to sleep on this for a bit.  I realized I can’t leave my people.  I have a loyalty to my family and my blogging family! You have been my light in darkness and supported me in some rough times. You all are a major reason I am where I am today! I have a responsibility to my blog and my followers, whether I have 1 follower or millions… I wish 🙂




I’m going to do something different. Maybe it’s only different for me. It’s going to push me even more out of my comfort zone. I’m putting myself out there in a different way. Because I have a passion for life, I have a love to speak life and truth. And I feel without any doubt at all this is what I am being called to do.



So June 1,  I am planning to change up my blog and change up my business, Jōy-Terra Essentials as well with a relaunch! I am going to be getting closer and more personal with all of you. I am so freaking excited about this! I am also slightly terrified. But here’s what I know…I love my people. I have a spirit in me that needs to get out and be shared and what’s the worst that will happen?  Right?


I will end with this. Thank you for building me up and always being my support. I hope I do right by you all with this new ventures! Remember YOU are amazing!  YOU are strong and YOU are freaking wonderful! Take that with ya today! 

xoxo sk