Be Soft

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My promise to me…

I will not let this world harden me. I will not let people make me bitter, only better and wiser. No matter how much crap this life can throws at me, I won’t lose my compassion and tenderness for others. I will never let hate make me hate. I will remember my own short comings before throwing judgments at another. I will never be so prideful that I can’t say I’m sorry or ask for forgiveness. I will remember I have plenty of my own flaws, along with plenty of attributes and I effect people in different ways with both. I will not forget my worth or allow anyone to treat me less than. I deserve kindness just like everyone else. And lastly, I will always see this world as a beautiful place with beautiful blessings all around.  No matter the ugliness, I will have eyes that can see through it.

Faith gets me threw…

I am a daughter of the KING. His love is never ending and never failing. I have no need to worry for my Father carries my burdens and all my fears. If My God is for me then who can ever be against me.

I am faithful. I am trusting. All that is meant to be, will be. My only task is to love with a faithful heart. Although that can be trying at times, I will not lose sight of what I have been called to do…

Love* Listen* Be the Light* Compassion* Be Open* Gentleness*Truth 

I pray that God will mend my heart, keep it healthy and help me to be understanding to the hearts of the broken. I pray that God gives me strength in all my weakness. I pray that God will make me a warrior for my children and I am able to foster their needs. May God bless me with the eyes to see His Blessings and His Grace. And may God allow me to give those gifts to others, even when it’s painful to do so. I pray for provision, and trusting in God’s timing, for I know all His plans for me are GOOD.

I have so much to work on. I am not near the person I wish I was but I am working towards it. I don’t always say and do the right things and I have plenty of regrets in this life, things I should of done differently. I am well aware of my short comings. I am a work in progress and I am very sure I always be will. God will never be done with me till my last breath and I get to go home. I hope on that day I have served Him well. I hope He will call me a good and faithful servant.


That might be all there is…

A very wise women, friend and spiritual leader in my life once told me these words.  “Some people will only ever know the Jesus they see in you.” Her name is Candie Swain. I met her a few years back, teaching. She gave me these words and they have stuck with me everyday since.

I go back to her words every time I want to be very human. I want to lash out or break down, give in or give up. Sometimes I do… But I remember these words and I go back to them.

Some people will only ever know the Jesus they see in you.

I am so grateful for the gift of my relationship with God. It’s growing and changing everyday. It has change my outlook on life. I see the world differently. I see other people and their struggles differently. I see my struggles differently. When I pray now I am speaking to an old friend. I feel like I have unlocked the secret so many spend their whole life searching for. I have an unbreakable, untouchable, ever evolving and strengthen relationship with The Creature Of All.  And that’s pretty powerful! Especially, in your most fragile moments.


My Prayer…

Lord, I thank you for these very humbling moments. You alone Lord, remind me how fragile us humans are and just how very much we need You. Just how very much I need You. I can’t walk one step without Your foot prints leading mine. You direct my path and protect me from dangers ahead. You nudge me when it’s time to be still in Your presents and when it’s time to Arise and Go. You uncluttered my mind and my heart to make room for Your mission. You are my Grace. You are my Mercy, in all my times of humanity. How I know I don’t deserve any of it but how over joyed and grateful I am of Your Pure Love for a simple person like me each and everyday.


xoxo sk

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