I’m Doing Fine


You don’t need to worry about me. I have it under control. Everything is alright.



I think we have all been there before. We say we’re fine and maybe we are alright. We are making it but we aren’t really fine. If someone really sat down and talked to us we could have a lot to talk about and maybe even cry about.

-Today I had my sickie kid home again. I love that kid more than anything in the world. I swear I really do. However, she drains the life right out of me. She’s no joke. She is a little mini gangster. Then you add her being sick and so clingy…it’s a recipe for a true nightmare.

I got no sleep because she had to sleep with me. It’s like sleeping with a tiny Hulk! She becomes the strongest smallest person ever. I’m “sleeping” in self-defense mode all night in fear of a black eye or bloody nose. But of course she looks like an angel the whole time she’s kicking my ass.

I’m Tired But I’m Able


So today I was exhausted from my ass kicking last night but I got up when alarm went off. I skipped my Yoga and went straight for the coffee! I didn’t get a workout in like I wanted but I did do my devotion.

It’s Holy Week and I’m doing this devotion with my husband. We have never done a devotional together. It’s pretty awesome! And this is a much needed time for peace and stillness. I need to be still and know God is God and I need to get out of the way and let Him do His God stuff.

I took care of my kids, shampooed my carpets, did a massive amount of laundry and even made time to get to my hair appointment for some me time. I am so glad I didn’t cancel because I was close to not going. I really needed some “girl talk’ time. It was good for me.

I was still so tired. I could of fallen asleep at my hair appointment and I still had so much to do. So I decided to pick up dinner for the kids and that saved me an hour easy! While they ate, I finished the laundry and picked up the yard.

So I am beat! But now I have the kids bathed and chilled outed for the night. I have my Lavender Chai tea in hand. It’s time to relax!

So today was hard but it was good. I didn’t just get through it, I thrived. I did fine. I’m not perfect but I am enough. I’m exhausted but I am able.


I’m Enough

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xoxo sk