Standing Tall…

Standing Tall in the midst of everything.


This last week was painfully hard. I want so badly to write about it and share….(oh to get it off my chest would be amazing) what’s happening in my family and even more personally to me but unfortunately it could cause a chain reaction, that’s not positive.

I decided that even though I am in a very unfair situation and I have been completely casted aside like trash, by one of the most important people in my life. I needed so badly to a have a “good” week. I can’t repeat last week. So I decided I was going to start small. I am going to do better by my kids, my husband and myself.

Taking care of my home and children to the very best of my ability. I would be intentional in my routine. I would be as positive and motivating as I can to keep good thoughts. I would embrace the simple things in my life and at least for now forget and let go of all the complicated stuff.


Take Heart…


Today I woke up with a goal..a plan in mind. I would get up do my light Yoga flow, get a good prayer/devotion time in! I would get to drink my coffee while it was still hot because I was going to get UP when my alarm went the first time.

I would empty the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen, organize my office and update all the bills and catch up our filing junk. I cleaned up my bathroom, bedroom and still was able to make time for a good workout and took a shower. I even got most the way through my online coruses for my business. Plus, I ended up with a sick kid staying home today from school.

I am happy to report that I managed great today and I didn’t cuss myself out once! I gave myself permission to not be perfect. I am still worthy of love. I am doing more than trying…I am DOING this life one day at time to the BEST of my abilities. I am enough!

I know this sounds a little over kill with self-love and affirmations… but I need it right now. I went through a major set back last week and it didn’t help to have a very close person to me basically cut me off completely and unfairly. But life goes on and so will I.

I have always felt very alone but now I understand how very alone I really always was.  It’s very painful and hurtful if I think about it to long. So I won’t do that to myself. I have people to care for and I need love and happiness so badly. I need good vibes!

This will be a better week and I’ll handle the complicated stuff next week. This week I’m a happy healthy wife and mother.

xoxo sk