I think it’s clear my time here in the deep North has made me stronger and has given me a very deep sense of loneliness as well…more than I’ve ever known.

fabric that made me

Safe In Your Arms

pexels-photo-412295It’s been awhile since I’ve felt protected, safe, cared for, and truly loved. I miss that comfort of knowing I have someone who is there to watch out for me, someone who has a general want to make my life better.

the wind pushes & pulls me. i don’t know where it will take me. it’s loud in my head. i am running wildly in too many directions. i am scribbles on paper. until you grab my kite strings & the wind is now a perfect breeze. i am flying high. now i am guided & protected & safe in your hands.

Reality bites…

I have been taking care of myself, my kids, my house, my vehicle…health matters, finances, snow removal..me…yard…me… etc, alone but here’s the kicker, I am actually married. I am not a single mom, I only play one.

Now I am not here…

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