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My Wellness Story

It started about 6 years ago. I had my gall badder removed after almost 2 long and painful years of multiple doctors telling me I had anxiety. I can’t even put into accurate words how angry this made me when doctors had convinced my husband it was all in my head. I would be woken up at 2-3am every single morning with the worse pain I had ever felt. I would throw up until every bone in my back and ribs couldn’t take anymore. The pain was so bad I would black out, which I would pray for because it was my only relief. My husband, God bless him, would get up with me and pet my head and tell me to clam down…like that would help.

I was taken to the hospital so many times I can’t even count. My heart beat was so slow I was given adrenaline to get it going. My kidneys started to become painful as well but even after several stays in ICU, no doctor could really get me back on my feet or even tell me what’s wrong. I could not eat food at all anymore without horrible attacks. I wasn’t sleeping, I was in pain and beyond frustrated!

Finally 2 years in to my nightmare Jason rushed me again to the hospital as I was blacking out and wishing I would just die. I was blessed to finally get an ER doctor to do more then drug me up! I had found out that due to not being treated for so long my system was very damaged. I had my gall badder removed, ended up with pancreatitis and had to stay longer than planed but I was happy to get my very infected gall badder out.

Of course I was never the same after 2 years of chronic pain and being on so many  strong pain medications for so long. It was a long, long difficult road of trying to find my way back to just neutral health after all that. I was traumatized of doctors and being called crazy! I had bittiness inside me in general because no one believed me. I had a new born baby while I was going through at all that and I had no support and that really stuck with me.

One year later…

One day after having a one of my many migraines my body started to go numb, even my face, my eyes, my mouth, throat…my whole body…until I couldn’t hear or see and I had passed out. When I finally came to I had no memory of what had happen, driving to the hospital or anything. My vision was blurred and painful. My head was killing me. My whole face hurt.

I was checked for a stoke and thank God it wasn’t! I was diagnosed with a brain seizures due to my migraines. I began my journey with a neurologist who put me on probably the difficult medication I could/would be on since it deals with my nervous system. The side effects were horrible…still are. I was given meds on top of meds on top of meds. I was sleepy all time, my whole body would hurt for no reason. I couldn’t breath, I was stuffed up all the time, my eyes would burn. I was feeling hopeless and depressed.

I was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia and depression and was put on more meds. At this point I was on 5-6 daily medications and still felt horrible most days. I was taking pain meds all the time and hanging out alone in the dark a great deal. I needed quite and darkness, to keep my head and body to just feel okay.

Three/ish years later…

We made a move to the Moorhead, Fargo area (ND/MN). Now remember I was already on many medications and now looking back they weren’t really helping me. Maybe some would for a bit for not for long. The side effects would kick in and take over or the reason that I was taking that medication would return.

My life changed drastically with this move and my depression and anxiety was getting out of hand. I again go back to the doctor for help. Although I believe I have an amazing doctor I was still not feeling great. I was put on more meds. The medications that I was already on, the doseage or mg was raised. I did not get better, I actually got worse.  I also started to get stomach pains, and feel nauseous which t made eating damn near impossible. The weird thing was gaining weight like crazy, 40 pounds in 5 months to be exact! My medication was totaling 9 different medications by this time!

Now with these new stomach problems I was referred to a G.I specialist and I had to have a colonoscopy…sadly this may have been the most exciting thing that’s happen to me since I moved here. I was then diagnosed with IBS and extend gut and this also came with another medication. Oh joy!

Fast forward… Time To Save Myself


Now on 10…Yes 10 different medications and only feeling worse, I knew I needed to  make a change but I didn’t know what that change would be. I was sick of being told to workout…that’s obvious but I was drained all the time! I had no energy at all! Every small workout would lead to a headache and horrible body aches. Eat health! We all know this but everything hurts me stomach! Everything! Eating is not enjoyable or to keep me alive, it’s stressful and it caused nothing but pain that would last for days.

Try Something New

I started Meditation and devotions. Every morning and before bed. Then whenever I needed to connect to my guide, Holy Spirit and recenter. This started to helped with me my mental/emotion health and being able sleep at night. I started feel a peace come over me. Could it really be the simple?

Then I added Yoga. This was a great way to get my body moving without the extra strain to cause a headache or trigger my fibromyalgia to flare up. I loved it right away. Yoga and meditation is perfect for an all over lifestyle of health, wellness, spiritual peace. Plus you can do this as a family. You can up the challenge on how hard that you want your workout to be. I can tailor it to my needs at the time.

It was over Christmas break that a great friend of mind gave me a roll on of doTERRA DigestZen & Breathe. Having the stomach issues I had been I was welling to try anything. The fact that this was an Essential oil was just a bonus! That night after a big Christmas dinner my stomach was super extend and uncomfortable. I rolled on my DigestZen and rub it in clockwise, I put it on my feet along with the Breathe. I put the breath on my neck and chest and I watched my stomach flatten out and all my discomfort fade away. I slept that night the best I had in forever. I was so happy I was in tears. I thought people need to know about this! I need to know more! I was hooked!

And So My doTERRA Life Started… MY WHY..

family-pier-man-woman-39691My family deserves a whole me

First things first, what is this all about? It’s about a Joyful, healthy life. If I can live a life that is joyful, feeling great, healthy and doing things the feed my body, mind and soul with positivity, love, and the best that God has given us, then maybe I will be able to share that light on to others.

My Why…

My husband deserves to have a partners in life. I know he understood my pain and felt bad for me but also I know he just wants me to be health and happy. That energetic, joyful, ambitious, funny girl he married… that’s who I am. He deserve that person and so do I.

My kids deserve a mom that is with them…not sleepy, not impatient but playful, happy, aware and interactive in their life. I want to be the parent for them that I needed as a kid. I am that mom, they deserve that.

I want to be able to serve God however He sees fit so I need to treat the mind, body & soul he gave me better and stop poisoning it.  Love, Light, Joy.

So I reclaimed my health.


pexels-photo-374633Spiritual & Emotion Connection

I have loved what Meditation (Gabrielle Bernstein, Author of The Universe has Your Back) and Yoga have done for my mind, body and soul but it really went up a notch when I started adding doTERRA Essential Oil to my routine. I add some Balance,  Serenity or In-Tune, it has taken my Meditation and Yoga to the next level. I am uplifted and grounded. I add Slim & Sassy to my water and rub it to trouble area to help in weight loss and freshen up my water!

When I need to relax my muscle after a workout I use Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint! I am able to relax my mind and this heals my body. The great thing is these Essential oils only have positive benefits. They improve my immune system, respiratory system, brain function, focus, and energy level, all while relaxing my mind and releasing tension.

It was time to stop all these meds! The all natural approach is what I want because these oils are made from earth, made by our Creature, we are meant to work together! I can say I have felt a positive change in life! I am living proof! So with my doc’s blessing but not total approval, I slowly went off two Mental/Emotional medications.

Moving to the next level


Making friendships

Now that I can connect to myself I can start to connect and open up to others. We as human beings were made to live in relationships with others. To connect, laugh, enjoy life, and support one another in life, it’s so important. To know you’re not alone in your life story, raising kids, marriage, co-workers, handle finances, someone to pray with, laugh with, someone who knows you on a different level. I had trouble with this but doTERRA has helped me with this too.

First, there is a huge community of other wonderful doTERRA people full of great information to love, support and care for you on your personal wellness journey. I have felt nothing but pure love and acceptance.

I would have so many days that I felt so drained. I wanted to meet people, go have that girls night or go to that movie but something kept me from even trying. I was very isolated. As I’ve learned and discovered that Essential oils not only help me to get pass this feeling for dread and isolation but doTERRA supplements are there to help support our minds and bodies as well. These different supplements help to promote healthy cell production and repair, enhance stamina and oxygen efficiency, improve mental energy and metabolic support! I also found that I was lacking vitamin D also. So with my doTEERA’s support and community,  I have have the energy, drive, and ambition to built a strong relationships, support my mind, body and soul. This all supports me to be the person I want to be.

I have made some amazing friends who have really changed my life in such a positive way. I’ve also really strengthened my older friendships that mean so much to me. I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to trust myself enough to make these friendships what they are, if it wasn’t for my doTERRA family and the healing, peace and comfort these Essential oils have blessed my life with. I have such gratitude.

Family Growth


I have had to wrap my mind around a lot of uncomfortable relativities. One being that maybe I was too convenient at one point in my life. And the other, that you can love and care about a person and not be close to them.  This riddled me this guilt for the longest time. But I have finally come to terms with my family. We are who we are. I am allowed to respect and protect myself and mine, to be happy in this life without explanation! I can’t make everyone happy but I can pray for my family and I love them from right where I am.

We can become family with the people who become infused into a daily life. The people who grow with you, support you in all your good and your bad. So family isn’t always blood. I am so grateful to have had some really amazing people in my corner. Some have been with me since the very beginning like my sister, Melissa and my Grandparents. Some family have grown closer, my other sister Jessica and my Aunt Susie.

But some have loved me and grown with me as friends and we have become like family. Katie, Lisa, Michele in Colorado. I care deeply for these people! Their happiness is mine. Their successes are mine! My Minnesota Katie has become a true soul sister. These people call me, check in on me and we are there for each other. We have each other backs. I feel truly blessed for that!

Relax… Take Care


I use to be horrible about just chilling out! I would run myself into the ground taking care of others until my body would force me to stop. Then it was basically pay back time.  Body-aches, headache, depression and overly exhausted. I would have no choice but to recovery quickly because I am a mom and was working as a teacher at the time. I was on mind and body overload. I was making myself sicker, my spirt was sad and I was a seriously stressed out person.

Now that I am gaining some ground on balancing being a mom, wife, working and having time to care of myself, I am seeing the impact self-care makes on the big picture. If we don’t take the necessary time to care for ourselves then we can’t do our very best in the other important part of our life.

Self-care/Self-love, looks different for everyone. If could be an extra fun Yoga class exploring Essential Oils or reading a book. Maybe it’s baking or going for a long walk. Maybe watching a cheesy 80’s movie or maybe you just need to take a nap. It could be a hot bath and peaceful music. Whatever it is, you need to be able to take that little bit of time for you to relax and release the tense or stress you have been facing. Give your mind, body and soul a few moments to just be still.

When you have loved and cared for yourself a few things happen. One you are modeling for you children that taking care of yourself, taking breaks are positive. Second, you can better serve to your calling, your family, your work, with more focus, passion, and drive. Third, you take an active approach to keeping bitterness, anger and exhaustion away. And lastly, your entire being will become lighter, more positive and JOYful! You’ll have the ability to handle high pressure and making quick decision better! Not to mention help your immune system stay strong and recover faster when germs come your way!

I have been able to increase my ability to truly relax, let go and surrender my mind, body and soul and be still with the help of using my doTERRA Essential oils. I have never felt such peace, balance, grounding and sweetness come over me. Then when I am ready to rejoin the rest of the world, I introduce a different Essential oil to wake up and rejuvenate my senses! I am ready to join the world with enthusiasm, sharing positivity and love!

Pure Peace…You Are Enough


I would be lying to you all if I said I had it all figured out. I don’t. I will never have it all figure out but I like to share what I have tried and what is working for me now.

I have my struggles like most people. I am no one special. I am just a work progress like all of you. I am doing my best to make the most of this life and enjoy each day of it. If I can share a little light, a smile, some laugher and help someone along the way, that’s awesome!

The winters are long, beyond cold, dark and depressing in Minnesota. My fibromyalgia and migraines hate it here. But I love the people, the schools are great, I have met some of the coolest people. I have made such close and amazing bonds with my children here. I will miss many things when it’s time to go. My body is screaming, it’s time to go! But I am using my Essential oils and they are helping, I am doing my Yoga, Meditation and devotions. I pray all the time. I write and do what I can to stay positive. Because I know with everything in my body that God has amazing things in store for this family.

They say the difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. 

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