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There just comes a day when you have to decide which way you want to go and then you have to start moving. You want that day to come. It’s a good thing… and my day has came. 


When all your worlds come crashing into each other…

Most likely we all can relate to wanting or waiting for that kick start in our lives to happen. We get motivated for a moment, it last for a week or two but it never last. What is it that makes it last for some people and not others?

I’m not sure what the answer is to this but for me, it’s this! I have had a slow burn inside me for awhile. It’s painful and aggravating. I feel like I can’t take a deep breath. It’s like breathing all my air through a tiny straw. I never can fill my lungs up completely wth air. I am uneasy and rustless. I have a willpower to strive inside me that is bursting to get out. My dreams are subconsciously warning me that my heart is not content. I know I am not living the life that God has intended for me. I am holding back. I am not living with JOY on Purpose. I am not taking the the jump. Why? Is that fear that still lingers? I don’t want to upset the people around and disturb their comfy life while I break through and grab hold of the life I am seeking.

I have to remember God has given me wings. I won’t fall. I will fly and it’s going to be just as God intended it to be for me and for the people around me. Let his higher will be done! I can’t be in charge of everyones JOY. That’s inside job. 


 The Results are in…



A few weeks ago I got the results of my G.I testing. It was refreshing to have a doctor to give it to me straight. I have IBS (finally a name for the monster) because they don’t know what else it could be and that is what you get diagnosed with when they have no clue what else to tell you. I also have what they call, extended gut. What does this mean? It means, it doesn’t go away but with a good diet and plenty of exercise, I should able to live comfortable. It means my anxiety, depression, diet and activity all play a massive roll in how well I feel and how well I  LIVE. 

I was put on the FODMAP diet… yeah, don’t ask me. I am still trying to figure it out. It basically states that everything I’ve been eating like garlic, onions, mushrooms, mangos, peaches and cream cheese, bread too… can never be enjoyed by me ever again! My favorites! I love bread but the last 6 months I started limited myself on that so I am getting use to it as much I hate it! So I called my G.I doctor feeling like this is a hopeless road for me. When I got off the phone I realized I was making it complicated!  I had taken the same old tactic I do with most ever thing and I just applied it to this as well. I made it huge, overwhelming and over top, impossible! I used language the tricks my brain into believing this will be too much, too hard for me. This adds to my anxiety and depression. And most importantly I am LYING to myself! 

I was asked to write down everything I eating and the effects it has on my gut. This will help me to weed out the foods that my body just can’t tolerate anymore. This isn’t too hard. I use my Fitbit app to do this now, all I have to do is add the journaling part on how the food effects me. All these things I can do and really both things I already do. I don’t need to over think it. I needed to just do it!

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It really is all mental…


I started journaling my food and how it made me feel and I realized that it’s more mental than I ever thought. I was sure everything I put in my mouth would kill my stomach and leave my whole body in pain for days. So I was sure I would write down many of my favorite foods to be gone forever. However, this time as I ate I was carful (and caring) because I wanted it work out. This time panic didn’t enter my mind as I ate the food.Last weekend, I made white bean chili for example, this is something that normal I would’ve freaked out over. But this time I made sure there was no fat on my chicken at all. I drained my beans completely and use fresh chilies and spices. I choose not to use garlic and only a small amount of onion. I was careful with portions all around.  When I ate my dinner I had one small bowl and ate at the table with my family. I didn’t think about what it would do to me in a negative way, I just enjoyed it. The next morning I was still fine. I had no side effect at all.

Now, I have found a few things like eating to fast or any carbonation drinks can be painful. Also Heavy, rich foods can be tough but in small amounts I do fine, so far. I just needed to calm my mind once again. And cook from a place of love, not stress and tension. I stopped enjoying food. 

**I remember a trip my husband and I took to Barcelona Spain. One meal could take them 2 or 3 hours to eat, maybe longer. The reason why? These people were enjoying the company of their friends and family. They were cheering, laughing, hugging, changing seats to converse with everyone that was there. It was amazing for me to watch.They tasted every bite of their food and every sip of their wine or Sangria, right down to their desserts and cafe at the end of their meal. My husband and I, along with the other Americans were in and out in less than 30 minutes. The only thing that made us stay longer was waiting for our tabs. We really are doing this whole family dinner thing all wrong! And we are the over weight ones with the digestive issues. They must be doing something right. I really believe it’s the fact that they, at that moment are happy. They are JOYful. There is not stressed. It’s a laid back celebration of people you love and appreciation of good food and drinks. You don’t rush that, you savor it. 

Your body can do amazing things.. 



I also work out 3-5 days a weeks. I do Yoga nearly everyday and I’ve added one day week, Hot Yoga. If you haven’t tried it before I highly recommend it! I live in MN so the studio I went to is called Haute Yogis. It most definitely is a work out that puts all other work outs to shame!

Doing this Hot Yoga was a big deal for me. I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and going for it! I am so glad my friend asked me and I said YES! It was awesome! Moral of the story… your never know what God has waiting for you. Step out, Step up! You’re wroth it! I am so glad I did!

I love Yoga so much! All the amazing benefits physically and mentally are huge! Yoga improves, your endurance, flexibility, strength, balance and you shed pounds in the process. If you can add meditation also you help your immune system, keep a sharp mind and ease tension and anxiety. I find so much JOY in this!


Time to live your life without excuses!

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So when my worlds came colliding together these last few weeks, I froze. I did what I do (my bad habit) and I retreated into myself and kept quite. My brain starts going 100 miles a minute but I didn’t say a word. People around me may thinks they have me all figured out. They don’t have a clue.

  I’m caring for my body and my mental health but it’s more than that. It’s my personal growth ,goals and dreams too. I have wants and needs that have to be met! As soon as I start figuring out what life looks like for me I should  NOT feel guilty about taking hold of MY life and creating something awesome. Stop watching me and join me instead!

So here it is in short all laid out:

My physical Health-  

*Journal everything I eat and how it make me feel. Weed out the food the causes me pain and discomfort and kick that food out.

*Stick with FODMAP diet.

*Work out 5 days a week. Yoga/Meditation

*Increase water intake by… mmm… a lot!

My mental health-

*Start next challenges, which is 2 parts, to Visualize your life as you want it to be piece by piece and Forgive through Understanding. Time to put the past in the past in  a loving manner and shut the door. Move on and let it go. Forgive others and yourself for pains, fears, hurts, regrets and let it go. No more holding on.

*Create healthy boundaries for yourself/relationships in all area.

*Read the Bible every day.

*Mediation 2 or more times daily.

**(As a wise person once told me) Don’t skip out on your meeting with yourself. This is to plan, schedule, get caught up, stay on task, refocus, and always keep that motivation and fire going! Life Coach/ Fit.Fab.Inspire Trish Robitaille @ 

*Continue to use Pacifica app with Doctor guidance.

Personal growth

Grow doTERRA Pure Essential Oils Business>> Diamond member in 5 yr or less

*Continue my journey as a Wellness Advocate through doTERRA/Yoga/Meditation Expert and gain more knowledge to expand business and help others

* Take 80% less medications

*Have a strong BODY, MIND & SOUL

*Be well rounded on world issues and read a new book every month

*Simplify my life. Get rid of the clutter.

*Take family vacations every year big/small, it does matter. Plan time to explore and travel together. 

*Have a marriage your can be proud of. 

*Don’t stop learning and growing! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for moving forward. Keep going! Keep praying, Keep discerning God’s voice and LET HIS HIGHER WILL BE DONE in your life.


Image 33

Mental Health Challenge

Visualizations/ Forgiveness through Understanding

A whole lot seemed to go down in my life at same time as my weekly Mental Health challenges. This week in particular is taking a toll on me. I was asked to Visualize my life, the one I ideally would like to have. From waking up in the morning, how I manage my day to how I end my nights. Even my relationships with my husband, kids, parents, neighbors and friends. Which brings me to part 2 of this challenge, Forgiveness through Understand. I have to write out statements saying how feel and the times I’ve hurt, ashamed, damaged, etc. and then put the past in the past in a loving way through Forgiveness & Understanding. This is where I write out my “I forgive you” and my “I Understand” statements and close that book forever. 

This (mental, emotion, heart tagging) challenge, my new diet and my new diagnosis, everything is coming full circle and having my husband feel a little left in the dust… it’s been a heavy weight on me. It’s hard to carry everyone. So this challenge has been a tough one.

I agree, it is time to shut the door on my childhood pains. I need to stop carrying that baggage around with me once and for all. It’s to heavy. But in writing it all out many different things happens. You free yourself of the burdens of the past but you also discovery things too… maybe things you wish you didn’t.

I still have some processing on this challenge and now that Jason, my husband has added a new element to this I think it deserver it own blog. I need to dedicate more time to this.


>>Upcoming: Visualization and Forgiveness through Understand. What does that look like for us.    



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