What’s happiness looks like…

It was said that the way out from Judgements, pain, and fear is LOVE. I live by that, now more than ever. It is new to me though. I am still learning to embrace and understand my power. Yes, we all have it. God has given us all the power to be the light of LOVE, to block low vibes and change the atmosphere.

Meditation is essential to my mental, emotional and physical health. I have been meditating since November 2017… Yes, I am very new so I am not the person to tell you how to do it “right” or all the different mantras. I read books, blogs, watch videos and follow anyone I can to learn more from and get closer to my inner peace, a clear mind, have a peaceful soul and have totally oneness with God…. in short JOY. I do different types of meditation for different parts of my day and for different things that cause anxiety for me.

In the morning before I see a single person, I will meditate and incorporate some yoga stretches as well. During this time I thank God for His blessings in my life and I think of a few things that I am grateful for. I say out loud “I have a purpose and it is to take care of my family and run a LOVING home. All these blessings that you have put in my care, I am thankful for.” I take a deep breathe in, holding for a few seconds and then release and as I do this I say “Thank you God for caring for me.” and then say “Thank you God for guidance today. May Your Higher Will be done.” I will then focus on my breathing for a while and with every breath I will envision God sending His angels over me, protecting me and my loved ones with their LIGHT of LOVE, JOY and PEACE. As I finish up this meditation my breathing returns back to normal, I smile and open my eyes. I am almost ready for the day. I have to make my bed before I can leave my bedroom! This is to reinsure myself that I have a welcoming place to land at the end of the day and I won’t go back to bed after the kids go to school. Then brush my teeth, for obvious reasons to smell better and have clean teeth but also to clean away the night before impurities and get rid of potential sicken. Brushing your teeth before you eat or drink anything including tongue scraping in the morning let’s your taste buds taste your food and drink that much better!! I recommend it!!

Part of my challenge was to look at happiness without Judgments. To write out WHAT REAL HAPPINESS LOOKED LIKE ME. Not to worry what others might judge and not to hold myself, my husband or kids to any judgements either. This is where some major anxiety can sneak in for me. Falling into old habits can be easy to do. So I call on meditation and ask God to protect me and guide me. He always does when I am open to Him. So I decided that during our family road trip over Christmas I would really challenge myself and work on this Happiness plan with Jas. This was going to be to a double challenge for me. I have never enjoy having deep conversations about our life and dealing with money with my husband. It could get ugly very fast but I believed that this time would be different because I was looking through the lens of LOVE and I would have NO judgements of his words. We would listen to each other completely open with LOVE for one another. I meditated before we got in the car (for many reasons!!!) but I asked God if this is in the Universe’s plan and if I should do this with Jas? If so, to show me my sign to confirm. I trust God fully either way. My sign is a Heart! We were all packed up and driving along. Plenty of time went by and nothing happened. No sign. Then Jas made the heart sign with his hands to me and my heart started beating fast! I knew it was God saying this is it… Let it be done! I kept holding my breath. Then I would get ready to bring it and then I wouldn’t say anything. Finally I thought “Stop this, God said DO IT and so trust Him and DO IT!” So I just looked at Jas and said “Hey, you know that Happiness thing I was talking about? ” “Let’s talk about it.” We did and I am so proud to report it went awesome. It all just reinsures me that I am on the right path.

Meditation has eased my migraines, neck pain, chest pain… basically my depression and anxiety has improved. I still have it. I am not healed but I believe greatly I am on my way there. I feel my heart mending, the pain and hurt of the past is staying there. The fear is blocked! I am getting stronger. I am one step closer to complete and total JOY. The Light of LOVE that the Universe shine on me, I want to reflect outward. YES! I want that! I work towards that everyday in my words, my thoughts and in my surrounding!


In my next blog, look for the WHAT HAPPINESS LOOKS LIKE to us that Jas and I came up with and how our move from Colorado to Minnesota has grown us and wildly changed what we thought happiness was.  

I will also touch on our trip to Colorado and our visit with our family. I want to talk about how different things are now for all of us. The growth we all have made and the said and unsaid between us all. Because it’s there.

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