The right frame of mind


Yesterday, I was asked to write out a Faith Statement. Something that I could repeat to myself in my meditations. I knew yesterday I was not in the right space to do this. I have a horrible head cold and I’m a mom so that means I do not get to take a sick day. I just could not get in the right frame of mind to write something so important. These words are my commit to God, the Universe in which I am opening myself up to. I need to be in the best frame of mind. So this morning, still sick and a Saturday… so my whole family is up my A**,ย  I sat up in my bed and smiled. I thanked God for this day whatever it may bring. I stretched my arms above my head and took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then brought my arms back down almost giving myself a hug. I asked God to protect me today from low vibes and fill me with His light of LOVE and JOY. I asked for God to give me the strength to not take on the Low vibes of other and give me the power to bring JOY and light to this today. I am still sick but I feel amazing inside. My head is happy, if that makes any sense. My space, my energy is joyful and for that I am more than grateful! So today I believe I can write my Faith statement. So look for it soon to come in my next blog.